The Death of SEO – The Continual Warning


Since the inception of the acronym, people have been warning about the end of search engine optimization. Search online for the death of seo right now and you will find a lot of people talking about how it’s going to be the end soon. If you want to chase the right pieces, and you want to ensure that you’re going to get ahead with optimization, don’t believe the exaggerations of pundits. Sure, there are some things that are going to go away, but is the whole thing going to die? No. Perhaps the names may change and perhaps some of the processes will evolve, but you will not see that this is going to die anytime soon. If you want to chase the right pieces, and ignore the idea of a death march, then consider the things that are not going away and are not changing in the landscape of traffic. Consider the following simple elements moving forward.

Spamming Less

A lot of pundits are warning about the end of seo because they are seeing less and less spam getting to the top ranking results. You may see that the results online are posing a lot more positive things. You may even see that the search results will focus more on your content and your quality of work then the spam things that used to rank higher. In the past, you could buy your way to the top using a lot of spam techniques. That’s right, you could literally see your ranking to the top of every search engine through the use of spamming and it’s starting to go away. You will not find that the #1 spot in a lot of competitive areas is determined by the spammers any longer, even though the tricks are attempted all the time. You will have to up your game if you want to get into the top rankings, that’s for sure.

Content Woes

The content that you have online has also improved. The death of seo used to be a matter of content dying. Article marketing specifically, took a major hit. However, the problem that was associated here was a matter of problems associated with putting too much content forward. That’s right, too many people were using spinning, duplicate content, and spreading the same things across several websites. If you were participating in this type of marketing, then you may think that content doesn’t rank high any longer. That’s not true at all, in fact, content is something that is not only imperative it has to be more unique and more solid than ever. You will not be able to chase the glory of traffic and rankings without content. Search engine optimization requires you to be in top form, or else your pages will get limited views and will get dumped out of rankings for competitive keywords, guaranteed.

Link Earning

In the past, you could easily just buy your links. Today you can still do the same, but you will find that it is harder than ever to rank for the right reasons. Too often people try to rank with link buying and they fail to get there. The reason that they fail is because you can’t buy your way into the rankings the same way that you can earn your way in. Earning links means that you’re paying attention to all the elements of internet marketing, instead of just one. If you just focus on one, you will end up losing out in the near future. However, if you focus on all of them, you will find that your rank rises and you will see a huge jump in the attention that your page gets.

There is no easy way to get through the proper search engine optimization today, however, it is something that you can get done with major results. It just means you have to take time to work with several elements.

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